Translation of legal documents

Legal translation is the translation of texts related to the field of law and used to exchange legal information between people who speak different languages. Since law is a subject area related to the socio-political and cultural characteristics of the country, legal translation is not an easy task.

For an adequate transfer of legal information, the language of a legal translation must be particularly accurate, clear and legally reliable.

Depending on the type of legal documents being translated, our translators carry out the following types of legal translation:

  • translation of laws and regulations and their drafts
  • translation of agreements (contracts)
  • translation of legal opinions and memorandums
  • translation of apostilles and notarial certificates
  • translation of constituent documents of legal entities
  • translation of powers of attorney

Legal documents and theoretical works should only be translated by professional translators who specialize in legal translation. After all, the source text is organized in accordance with the relevant legal system, which is reflected in the legal language contained in it, and the translation text is intended for use within another legal system with legal language specific to it. Errors in the translation of the text of the contract can lead, for example, to material damage and legal action.

Our translators have a relevant legal education and significant experience in translating legal subjects. Since language constructs specific to the source language often do not have equivalents in the target language, our translators will find constructs in the target language that have functions similar to those of source language constructs.

If you already have a ready-made translation that does not suit you, our translators will edit such a legal translation.

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