Support of real estate transactions

The task of real estate companies is to offer you to buy or sell your property, and our task is to help you make a real estate transaction with minimal risks for you.

If you want to be sure of the legitimacy of the transaction and receive guarantees that there is no risk of challenging the transaction in the future, you cannot do without the help of qualified lawyers. This has already become a worldwide practice, no real estate transaction is complete without the legal support of specialists.

Based on our collection and comprehensive analysis of information about the seller, about the property, we will prepare a legal opinion describing all the risks associated with the acquisition of this property.

If you are going to buy a property (new building, city property or country house) we:

  • we will advise you on the issues of the transaction of purchase and sale of a property
  • we will analyze the documents provided by the seller (establishing the right and others) related to the acquired property for compliance with the requirements of the law
  • we will check the object for the absence of arrests, restrictions, prohibitions
  • check the seller's credentials
  • we will negotiate with agents and counterparties on the transaction
  • draw up and / or agree on agreements of intent (preliminary agreement, agreement or agreement on advance payment, agreement or agreement on deposit)
  • draw up and / or agree on the main contract of sale
  • we will provide legal support for the signing of transaction documents
  • we will provide legal support for settlements under the transaction
  • we will carry out registration actions on the transaction (submit for registration and receive registered documents)

If you are going to sell a property (new building, city property or country house) we:

  • we will collect the documents necessary for the transaction (technical passport of the BTI, certificates of financial and personal account, form No. 3 from the ZhEK, etc.)
  • we will assist in conducting preliminary negotiations with the buyer
  • we will draw up and / or agree on agreements on the alienation of an object (purchase and sale, donation, etc.)
  • we will provide support at the time of settlement
  • we will assist in the collection, submission for state registration and receipt of documents from the state registration authorities (agreement on the acquisition of an object, a certificate of right)

We are also always ready to help not only in the preparation and receipt of the necessary documents for the alienation of real estate or registration of ownership, but also to provide legal support for redevelopment and its legalization.

Our lawyers will prepare the legal basis for the transaction, provide full legal support. Throughout the entire procedure of the transaction, you will feel the reliable support of a professional lawyer you can rely on.

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