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Registration of guardianship and guardianship

Registration of guardianship Registration of guardianship for men during martial law To whom guardianship and guardianship are established Grounds for appointing a guardian or ...

Division of property upon divorce in Ukraine

The size of the shares of the property of the wife and husband Most disputes arise because of the disagreement of the spouses with the size of the shares that go to each in a divorce. The size ...

Apostille and legalization of documents

Legalization of documents may be necessary if you want to submit documents, such as a diploma, power of attorney, work book, etc., to the official bodies of a foreign ...

Help in case of an accident

Even the most experienced and professional driver is not immune from a traffic accident (RTA). As a rule, the cause of their occurrence is a violation of one ...

Divorce with a foreigner

Before starting a divorce process with a foreigner, you need to determine in which country the divorce procedure will take place in order to navigate in ...

Testament of the spouses

A joint will of spouses is when a husband and wife make one will regarding property belonging to them on the right of a common joint ...

Making a Will

If you yourself, at your own discretion, decide to dispose of the property acquired by you during your lifetime in a different way than it is provided by default ...

Constituent documents

Registration of an enterprise, in particular, the success of its implementation, depends on the correct preparation of constituent documents, which means: provide the registrar with an exhaustive ...

Registration of technical documentation of BTI

Technical documentation (BTI documents) are mandatory documents when registering transactions and (or) registering ownership of real estate (apartments, non-residential premises, ...

Joint property of the spouses

Before entering into marriage, it is necessary to understand all the subtleties associated with property, which will subsequently become the joint property of the spouses. Depends on ...

Dissolution of marriage, divorce

Dissolution of marriage, divorce and divorce proceedings, regardless of the reasons for their occurrence, are not pleasant procedures and require from their participants ...

Translation of legal documents

Legal translation is the translation of texts relating to the field of law and used to exchange legal information between people who speak ...

Support of real estate transactions

The task of real estate companies is to offer you to buy or sell your property, and our task is to help you make a deal with ...

Receiving an inheritance abroad

Your relatives went abroad and left you an inheritance, for example, an apartment or a car. Moreover, the apartment can be located where he lived ...

Registration of the inheritance A comprehensive range of services for registering inheritance of property, namely: an apartment or part of an apartment, a plot of land, valuable cash deposits...

Inheritance of the right to deposit in a bank

If you are a testator or heir to a bank deposit, you may have the following questions: How to properly dispose of a deposit in ...

Taxes and taxation

Taxation is one of the most important factors in the activities of business entities and citizens. Before starting any activity, you should know ...

Deprivation of parental rights

Deprivation and renewal of parental rights are primarily related to ensuring the interests of the child. Unfortunately, the procedure for deprivation of parental rights is difficult ...

Company liquidation

It is much easier to create a company than to liquidate it. The liquidation procedure takes longer, since it requires not only entering information into the register ...

Obtaining licenses

A license is a state document certifying the right to carry out the type of economic activity specified in it for a certain period in ...

Drafting contracts

An agreement is an agreement between two or more persons aimed at establishing, changing or terminating civil rights and obligations. As a rule, the contract ...

Marriage with a foreigner

In recent years, due to objective reasons, namely, increased migration of the population, free entry and exit of citizens from Ukraine, ...

Marriage contract (marriage contract)

Why is a prenuptial agreement necessary? Many of you will consider the prenuptial agreement as borrowing from foreign practices. Maybe, but as this practice shows, ...

Opening a bank account

An enterprise of any organizational and legal form must form an authorized capital before starting operations and for state registration. To form the authorized capital ...

Collection of alimony

The payment of alimony is one of the most pressing issues today. Moreover, if earlier the recovery of alimony almost always sounded in conjunction ...

Compensation for damage

Compensation for harm, loss, damage is directly related to the establishment of the guilt of their inflictor, without which compensation to the victim is impossible. Without qualified legal assistance...

Eviction from the apartment

The eviction of citizens from their housing is quite common in our time. Regardless of whether they want to evict you, or maybe ...

Labor contract

The execution of an employment contract between an employee and an employer is equally important for both parties. It acts as an additional guarantee for both parties, ...

Work Permit

The legislation of Ukraine provides for equal rights and obligations of foreigners and citizens of Ukraine in the field of labor relations. At the same time, foreign citizens can ...

Privatization of state housing stock

Fortunately, today it is possible to purchase housing not only on the basis of purchase and sale, donation, exchange, inheritance, and other ways, ...

Illegal actions of officials

Each of us at least once faced with the injustice of state bodies. Someone could not submit documents during working hours, at ...

Hiring and firing workers

Work is the place where we spend most of our time and also the way we provide for ourselves...

Protection of intellectual property rights

In the context of the economic crisis, there are more and more cases of unfair competition, actions that can in any way cause confusion ...

Support of the labor process in companies with foreign investments

The company needs the support of employees and the qualitative fulfillment of their obligations by the latter. This affects the efficiency of the company. For this company...

Recovery of wage arrears

Non-payment of wages is a gross violation of the rights of the employee and labor legislation. Non-payment or late payment of wages may be delayed for ...

Company registration

Every sane person, before starting a business, thinks why he needs it! As a rule, enterprises register to carry out ...

Obtaining custody of a disabled person

If you are reading this article, I am assuming that you are a guardian who is interested in learning more about what it takes to get guardianship of a disabled person. As a guardian, you are likely to face a number of challenges...

Rules for choosing a lawyer

If you use a directory of lawyers to search, search by specialization.
The same principle (search by specialization) should be used when searching on Google.

Use the right category, problem description, or desired solution.

That is, it makes no sense to look for a lawyer at all, using phrases like lawyer Kyiv, because you have to spend a lot of time looking for the right specialist among all lawyers.

You need to find a lawyer who specializes in your problem.

For example, if you have problems in the family, these could be requests like:
- family lawyer
- divorce lawyer
- property division lawyer
- lawyer for issues registration of inheritance etc.

If you can succinctly state the problem, do it as a question:
- how to take the child abroad if the father does not give permission
- what share in the apartment can I claim in case of divorce
- how to get alimony, etc.

Try to find a lawyer with a narrow specialization, who is not competent in all branches of law, but only in the subject you need.

1. How to understand that a lawyer specializes in the area of law you need

The right lawyer should have a website, and the website says about it
If the lawyer’s website, in addition to the specifics you need, lists all areas of law, from administrative to criminal, and you need, for example, only family law, this should raise doubts.
It is possible that the lawyer on the site claims a wide range of specializations simply because he wants to create an aura of competence, or the developers who made the site said that “this is cool”, or they are trying to catch as many clients as possible on the site, then this needs to be clarified in a conversation with a lawyer .

2. Search the internet for the lawyer's last name

See where and in what context it is mentioned. If most of the mentions coincide with your problem, it’s good, if not, there is one more reason to doubt.

3. Collect phone numbers of potentially useful lawyers on paper or in a file

4. Write down on paper or in a file the text of your appeal

This will allow not to compose a new story each time, but to easily and quickly convey to the lawyer the essence of the problem and the desired result.

5. Start calling

The #1 question to ask right away is whether the lawyer you called is an expert in the area of law you need.

If the lawyer answered yes, describe the problem and ask:
Can a lawyer take care of your issue?
How many options does he have to solve this problem?
How much time do you think it will take

6. Do not try to immediately get an answer to the question - "how much"

This can lead to misunderstandings in the future, and here's why.

A competent lawyer will not name the exact amount of the solution to your problem until he talks with you personally, collects a complete picture of the causes of the problem, draws a conclusion about the legal situation in which you find yourself or may find yourself.

That is, if during the first conversation on the phone to the question “how much does it cost”, the answer immediately sounds - this is another reason to doubt.

If you are looking for a lawyer who will name the smallest amount for services, believe me, you will find one, at least because there are lawyers who use the marketing technique "the main thing is to get involved, and then we'll see."

The consequence of this approach is situations when subsequently the lawyer demands payment for "every sneeze". To avoid such problems - always sign an agreement with a lawyer! Moreover, not a single competent lawyer will work with you without a contract.

7. Visit a lawyer, get advice and sign a contract

There is no shame in asking for a lawyer's ID right away.
Do not think that a lawyer will be offended if he is asked to provide a document confirming his authority. On the contrary, you will seem to him a prudent person, which means that further cooperation will be interesting and fruitful. If the request is not properly satisfied, then you should not further try to establish contact with such a person.

Try to find out how much experience the lawyer has. Ask to let you familiarize yourself with similar precedents. It is recommended to look at several precedents in order to understand how competent a specialist is in front of you.

We believe that a positive outcome of the case requires at least 5 years of continuous practice in the field of law.

Discuss issues that concern you personally with a lawyer, offer your own solutions to the problem, despite the fact that they may seem unrealistic or simply stupid to you.

When consulting with a lawyer, you should pay attention to:
- Treat you as a client. For example, legal terminology can be confusing and you ask for clarification in simple terms. How the lawyer behaves in such a case, whether he does it or starts to get annoyed.
Does he understand the subject or does he take a book or codex from the shelf and start looking for the necessary material.
- How fast and clear answers he gives to the questions posed, whether there is eye contact with you as a client.
- How convincingly he behaves, does he operate with articles from the legislation during the conversation.
- Does the lawyer behave patiently, does he listen attentively and without interrupting, or does he want to end the conversation faster, claiming that he already understands everything.
- Does he show haste in business, how does he behave, does he make it clear that it is time to leave, and does he have many urgent matters that should be done quickly.

Offer to conclude an agreement (if the lawyer has not already done so).

Study the text of the future treaty, and pay attention to controversial points. Follow the procedure for the return of funds, payment terms and terms in which the work can be completed. Find out for yourself what exactly the lawyer will do and how he will work out the paid money. We believe that work and price should be interconnected.

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