Drafting contracts

An agreement is an agreement between two or more persons aimed at establishing, changing or terminating civil rights and obligations.

As a rule, the will of the two parties is agreed upon by the contract, and at a certain stage of the execution of the contract, one party may not be satisfied with something, claims and other requirements may arise.

To minimize the risks of claims arising, it is necessary to take the drafting of the contract seriously from the very beginning and legally substantiate each and all of its conditions.

Our lawyers and lawyers provide services for the development (drafting) of the correct contracts:

Based on your goals, objectives and wishes, using an individual approach, we will help you to correctly draw up an agreement of any complexity, so that it protects your interests, distributing the rights and obligations of the parties, taking into account the possible consequences arising from violations of the terms of the agreement, we will analyze the need to conclude exactly this type of contract in the framework of each specific transaction.

When drawing up contracts, our lawyers are guided by the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as judicial practice, after analyzing which they will provide you with an agreement that most closely meets your requirements and current legislation, taking into account the significant aspects of the transaction, as well as possible legal risks and ways to eliminate or minimize them.

We detail those terms of the contract, which, depending on the transaction, are of particular importance for the client and the success of the transaction. We will also draw up an agreement containing the provisions of various types of agreements.

If the implementation of the project requires the completion of several interconnected transactions, we will develop a contract scheme that allows you to implement the project.

Our lawyers will also conduct due diligence of contracts previously drawn up by your counterparties, namely:

  • provide a legal opinion on the compliance of the provisions of the agreement with the current legislation of Ukraine
  • analyze the legal and financial risks that may follow when working on a drawn up contract
  • make a change to the contract by more accurate and correct wording for understanding the essence of the contract by both parties

In addition to the drafting and examination of contracts, our lawyers will also represent in negotiations related to the conclusion of a transaction, notarization, state registration of contracts.

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