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Administrative Law, Litigation, Amendments to Statutory Documents, Civil Law, Contract Law, Pre-trial Dispute Resolution, Road Traffic Accidents, Housing Law, Business Protection, Land Law, Property Disputes, Corporate Disputes, Tax Law, Inheritance Law, Appealing Tax Notices- decisions, Appeal of traffic police protocols, Representation of interests in courts Registration of individual entrepreneurs Registration of legal entities Family… Read more…

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Litigation Amendments to statutory documents Civil law Contract law Pre-trial dispute resolution Business protection Immigration law Property disputes Corporate disputes Inheritance law Representation of interests in the European Court of Human Rights Representation of interests in courts Registration of legal entities Family law Drafting and analysis of business contracts Drafting claims Drafting … Read more…

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litigation administrative law commercial law civil law property disputes contract law business protection dispute resolution corporate law inheritance law family law housing law drafting procedural documents services for legal entities Read more…

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Administrative law Litigation Civil law Contract law Road accidents Housing law Land law Immigration law Property disputes Inheritance law Registration of individuals Family law Support of enforcement proceedings Drafting requests Drafting claims Drafting petitions Labor law Criminal law Commercial law Legal support of real estate transactions Read more…

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— Registration of legal entities, amendments to the statutory documents; – comprehensive support of business activities of enterprises; – complex management of court cases (drawing up claims, complaints, etc.); — appeal of tax notices-decisions; — support of inspections of regulatory authorities; – conducting contractual activities (drafting and analysis of business contracts); — providing legal assistance to citizens in the field of… Read more…